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Save your traffic and time. DeSofto SpamFilter automatically kills most Spam immediately
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15 December 2007

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Each time you receive spam mails, you need to delete them manually that some times takes a lot of your precious time. Often the generic spam filter tools provided by your email service provider are not up to the mark and in such cases specialized tools are requires. Well in case for such solution try using the DeSofto SpamFilter 5.35 which automatically kills most spam emails at the server itself and blocks the other spams for manual check. It detects the Spam messages and legitimate mail messages with its robust and effective filter based technique.

DeSofto SpamFilter 5.35 has an uncomplicated user interface that makes it easy to be used by anyone. The software also supports the multiple mail accounts. It has the features placed at the toolbar and the menu bar that makes the work easier. It shows the messages that as green that are not the spams and the red color indicates the spam messages. You can also have the details regarding the deleted messages. You can clear the messages easily by the given option on the toolbar. The screen has divided into two parts; first half shows the list of the messages and the second part shows the message’s content that you have selected. You can set the options for the program and set the filters for the spams. You can set the Protection level and accordingly it shows the feature to block spam letters, ask to kill the spam at the server and to automatically kill the spam at the server. It also presents the whitelist that has been automatically created. You can delete and add the new ones for including addresses in the whitelist or taken as spams.

DeSofto SpamFilter 5.35 works according to the set features for filtering the spams. Rating of 3.5 points has been set for the software for the myriad features provided and the performance. It could have included an advanced blacklist feature that lets you to add the addresses to be spams and also suggest action.

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Save your traffic and time. DeSofto SpamFilter automatically kills most Spam immediately at the server without downloading and blocks the rest of Spam for manually checking. An unique neuro-algorithm has been used in SpamFilter product to detecting legitimate mail messages and Spam messages, the technique has more precision than other filter-based and keyword-based anti-spam technologies. It automatically learns for your own correspondence and new spammers' technologies.
DeSofto SpamFilter
DeSofto SpamFilter
Version 5.35
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